Saturday, January 10, 2015

Remember the Sunlight and the Rain

I wrote this poem a while ago and I found it tonight. I thought it was beautiful. Please enjoy.

Remember the sunlight and the rain

The rain falls but not forever. I always break through. My light reflects in every drop as it’s falling from the sky.

Remember me when your heartaches for a reason only you know.

When you awake startled by the cold, turning over only to be reminded they aren’t coming home.

Remember me when you feel alone.

Or when your efforts aren’t enough; when your hard work seems to fail you.

Remember me when you hear those breaks screeching; the smell of burning rubber fills the air.

When your prayers for him to change you, to make you better seems to go unanswered.

Remember me when you are crying, heartbreaking, soul shaking.

Remember me and all your pain

I was there when you were aching
When your world was in a blur
Every emotion, every feeling
Breaking, breaking, breaking
You may not remember but I was there
I was there holding you tight even when you felt you could not see my light
You wondered for a moment how I could do this
You know me. You know my word, my peace, and you know my love.
I promise you that one loss so great may feel like everything now but remember…
Remember the sunlight and the rain..

My love was there each and every day after.
I brought you peace
I brought you direction
I taught you how to hear me.
I helped you see how strong you were
I helped you open your heart again.

Every pain, every sorrow breaks you

But I will make you whole, I will heal you, and you will live again.
Now remember me and all your pain.

Remember me; 

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